2013 NAPLAN Success

I was pleased to announce at Cecil Celebrations on the last day of term 3 that not only did we continue to improve on our NAPLAN results this year, we made a huge jump. Every year since the inception of NAPLAN (2008) I have been able to talk about our continued improvement, but this year we jumped ahead in leaps and bounds. Of all the children who sat NAPLAN this year, we had only two in different year levels who were below the national minimum standard (NMS) in spelling, which is why spelling is our number two priority behind reading. Every other area they were at or above the NMS and every other child was at or above in absolutely everything, which is a tremendous achievement. Since 2008 we have struggled to get the Year 3s at or above the NMS in various areas. In fact, when I looked back at our 2008 Year 3 results, they were shocking, but that was not the case this year. Not only was no year 3 below the NMS, every child was above in every area (reading, writing, spelling, grammar & punctuation and numeracy). The Year 7s had two children above the NMS in numeracy and everything else was well above the NMS for all of them. I will single out one of the Year 9s as we have their individual reports. Ellyce Edwards not only got in the top banding (10) in year 9 reading, she scored towards the top of that banding, making her one of the top Year 9 readers in the country. She and the rest of the children who sat NAPLAN this year need to be congratulated on a fantastic achievement. Well done to you all! And the teachers, teacher aides and parent volunteers need a HUGE thank-you from us all for all their hard work to help the children achieve such a result. Thank-you!
What can you do to help at home? Firstly, as much as our overall school results look great, the real success is with the individual children. Have they reached their true potential? In most cases that would be that they excessed even what they thought they could. Even the relative gain of those two children who were below the NMS in spelling, shows they have made very strong growth in their spelling skills. Sit down with your children with their NAPLAN report and congratulate them on their successes. Talk to their teachers about what your children need to do to maintain this momentum and what you can do to help them. Most importantly, celebrate with you children.
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Last reviewed 06 February 2020
Last updated 06 February 2020