Big School Programs - Small School Atmosphere

I was going to talk about the importance of reading at home this week, but given the various congratulations above, I will instead touch on the Condition of Learning in our AIP, Confidence and leave home reading for a later date.
As much as literacy and numeracy are our top priorities for our children, another measure of parent and community confidence in our school is our ability to offer a rich variety of extra-curricular activities to our children. In a small rural community like Cecil Plains that can sometimes be difficult. Many parents have to make the trek to Dalby or even Toowoomba for outside school hours sport. Part of our role as a school is to identify ways in which we can support our children’s sporting and cultural needs/experiences. As you can see from the above achievements we do go a long way to cater for this and the success for the children can easily be seen. I wonder how many of you have ever noticed the slogan that is at the top of our newsletters and attached to my Principal emails; Big School Programs – Small School Atmosphere. Our children’s achievements are a demonstration of how we live up to that slogan. I’ve worked in large schools, I’ve worked in a huge school of a couple of thousand children and a couple of hundred staff and I’ve worked in small rural schools; and I can tell the latter is the better experience. The challenge for us is to keep that lovely small school atmosphere, while still ensuring our children do not miss out on what bigger schools in bigger towns can offer, and I think from the examples in this newsletter, even though we are a small town school, we have been able to offer what the big schools can and more.
What can you do to help at home? Have your say heard! Encourage your children to participate in any sporting &/or cultural events we are able to offer. When we are running the various academic competitions we do throughout the year, encourage your children to sign up. Even if it is not an area they are strong in, their participation is a valuable experience. If you can think of any other activities that we can explore for our children, please let us know and we will look at how we can make it work for our children in the context of our school.
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Last reviewed 06 February 2020
Last updated 06 February 2020