Comparative NAPLAN Data

Principal’s YES Message:
Last week I shared some new encouraging comparative data around the School Opinion Survey and its relation to school confidence in our AIP. This week I will talk about how we compared to other like schools in NAPLAN. Firstly keep in mind that NAPLAN is a once every 2 years test for each child, so is not the whole picture of how they are doing. Also comparing us as a whole school is not the real important issue, it’s that every single child is achieving at their full potential and that they are continually improving.
That said, our comparative data in NAPLAN can give us an indication that all the work we have been doing is paying off. Our Yr 3 data continues to be low and hopefully new initiatives introduced or being introduced will address that. Our Yr 9 comparative data has been withheld due to the fact that we only had 3 children sit the tests last year and would thus identify those struggling. Even so, we can be confident from our 2012 results that our Yr 9s would have compared favorably to other like schools.
So what does our comparative NAPLAN data tells us? In 2008 & 2009, our best comparative performance was in five areas of close to other likes school of the 20 areas in total. All the rest were either withheld (due to the low numbers in that class), below or substantially below the overall scores of other like schools. In 2010, we started to turn that around with only six areas below like schools. We actually scored in two areas above in Yr 9 writing and Yr 3 grammar & punctuation, the rest being close to like schools. We did not perform quite as well in 2011, but we did score above like schools in one area. 2012 saw a phenomenal change with only five areas substantially below. We had only two areas that were close to other like schools, the rest were above, including two areas substantially above.
Once again, I am sure you will all agree that is a great turn around, but it would not have been possible without all the hard work not only from the staff, but also you parents and the children. We cannot know if this will be repeated this year or if we will have some areas drop back or hopefully, we continue to achieve even more above and substantially above comparative scores, but we can be proud of the improvements we have made to date. By continually building on the hard work we have been doing, I sure we will continue to build on our performance.
And once again, I personally would like to thank all my staff, the parents and the children for making this turn around possible. We still have a lot of work to do, but can I say for now, Thank-you.
What can you do to help at home? As I said last week, keep doing what you’re doing and if you can find other ways to support the children and staff, either here at school or at home, do so. Make sure you know and understand your children’s STARS targets and how you can support them in meeting these targets. The results we are getting are not because we are preparing the children for NAPLAN, but because our focus on the children’s individual literacy & numeracy learning. Your support is essential.
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Last reviewed 06 February 2020
Last updated 06 February 2020