Confidence Data

Yesterday I received the school’s latest data sets, some of which we already knew, but it did include some new comparative data, which I will talk about over the next couple of weeks.
The first lot of data I want to talk to is our School Opinion Survey (SOS) data compared to previous years, which is addressed under the confidence priority of our AIP. Previously our staff, parent and children responses to the survey questions have been generally around the 50-70% positive responses mark. I am ecstatic to say that was not the case last year. Nearly all responses by staff, parents and the children were high 80% and up with two areas even reaching 100% satisfaction. Those areas were staff morale and that the parents felt the teachers were interested in their children’s wellbeing (the latter being a new question for 2012). 95% of the children felt their teachers cared about them. 92.5% of children felt their English skills were being developed. 95.7% of parents felt the same thing. 95.1% of children felt their teachers gave them useful feedback about their work. 95.7% of parents once again felt the same thing and 91.3% of parents felt they were receiving useful feedback about their children’s progress.
When we compare ourselves to other like schools and P-10/12 schools, the story continues to be great. Our overall staff positive responses were 98.6% compared to 91.9% for like schools and 88.8% to other P-10/12 school. Our overall parent positive responses were 93.6% compared to 90.1% for like schools and 89.1% to other P-10/12 schools. Our overall children positive responses were 88.6% compared to 86.2% for like schools and 86.6% to other P-10/12 schools.
I am sure you will all agree that is a great turn around, but it would not have been possible without all the hard work not only from the staff, but also you parents and the children. This sort of data tells us that all that we have been doing has been taking us in the right direction and that we need to keep it going and build on it further. Your confidence in the staff has helped build their confidence in what they are doing. Their confidence that the work they are doing is appreciated by both the parents and children further encourages them to keep up the hard work of improving outcomes for our children.
I personally would like to thank all my staff, the parents and the children for making this turn around possible. This has not been because of me as the Principal, but because you all are working together to make these positive changes. Thank-you!
What can you do to help at home? Keep doing what you’re doing and if you can find other ways to support the children and staff, either here at school or at home, do so. Keep communicating with your children’s teachers about how the children are doing and how you can help. Your confidence in us helps us stay confident in what we are doing.
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Last reviewed 06 February 2020
Last updated 06 February 2020