Great Results Guarantee

Principal’s YES Message:
The state government announced recently its Great Results Guarantee (GRG) initiative that will see extra federal funding going directly to schools to support children’s literacy and numeracy skills. The governments guarantee through GRG is that every child will meet the national minimum standard (NMS) or that for those children that we know this will be a challenge, we have a plan in place for each of those children detailing how they will be supported to reach the NMS. I attended a principals’ workshop yesterday looking at how we will develop our individual school GRGs. This needs to be developed in consultation with staff and the community, but we have a very short timeline to have them signed off by our supervisors. I need to send in draft to my current boss, by Friday (21/2/14) next week, with final copy to be sent by the 28th of February.
So what’s Cecil Plains P-10 State School’s GRG going to be? Well firstly, we will guarantee to have every child meet the NMS or we will develop a plan for each child who is going to need assistance to meet the NMS. We are also going to guarantee that every child in Yrs 5, 7 & 9 will improve on their previous NAPLAN results. Even with our outstand whole of school NAPLAN results last year, we have a couple of children who actually went backwards in one or two areas of NAPLAN and that is not acceptable. There can be reasons for this such as sickness on the day, but we need to make sure that we are living up to the “E” in our YES Message, “Every Child Shall Improve”. Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee that we will get the same fantastic whole of school NAPLAN results we got last, but it won’t stop us from trying J. As I’ve always said our successes are about the individual children, have we helped them achieve their best and that is what we will continue to do.
What can you do to help at home? As always, be informed; come to this week’s P&C meeting to put your thoughts forward about our school’s GRG. Parents of those children who will need a plan will be asked to sign off on the plan. When you read the plan with your children’s teacher/s, ask questions, so you fully understand what we will be doing to support your children and how you can support them to reach their best. Finally, encourage your children to put in their best. This is a challenge for everyone (staff, parents & the children) that will require hard work.
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Last reviewed 06 February 2020
Last updated 06 February 2020