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As I mentioned last week I had a meeting with my supervisor, David Ballin (A/ARD). Besides getting around to the classes to see all the great work our children and staff are doing, and I can tell you he was extremely impressed, we looked at the new system for measuring how well schools are doing. There is a lot of data out there that tells us about schools and the department has brought that altogether in the form of Headline Indicators. For us there are six areas that we are measured on, Attendance; Literacy & Numeracy (NAPLAN); English, Maths & Science; Enrolment, Behaviour; and Satisfaction, which in most cases are then broken down into sub-areas. In regards to NAPLAN, there is much more importance put on students’ overall relative gain between tests, which as you know I have been talking about for some time. As you may realize most of the Headline Indicators are already targets in our AIP, which has put us ahead of the game. This new system is not being used as a way of judging schools, but rather identifying where the department needs to support schools. It also provides a conversation point between schools and those supervising them.

I can tell you from the conversation I had with my boss, we are one of the higher progressing/preforming P-10/secondary schools in the region. To the point that I was asked if I wanted to lead Cecil Plains as an Independent Public School (IPS), which would have meant I would be accountable directly to the Director General, rather than a Regional Director. I did turn down the offer, as flattering as it was, as we do get a lot of great support from the region, which I would hate to lose.
The Headline Indicators are compared to other like schools in the state and dependent on the data highlighted red, yellow and green. Nearly all areas and subareas are green for us, which means we are performing better than our like schools. The only two areas in red are our 4 year enrolment tend and the percentage of students in the upper 2 bands (U2Bs) in NAPLAN, both of which we have little control.
What can you do to help at home?
I will be explaining more about how the Headline Indicators are measured and what them mean for us at this week’s P&C meeting, so I encourage you to come and ask questions. If you cannot make the meeting, but would like to know more out our school’s Headline Indicators, then make some time to see me at school.
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Last reviewed 06 February 2020
Last updated 06 February 2020