The 2014 NAPLAN results were released yesterday and hopefully we will receive the individual student reports this week, so they can be sent home to parents. Although we did not get the same outstanding result we got last year (which would have been hard to do anyway), we did do ourselves proud once again. Year 3 was our struggle, which we expected even before we sat the tests, but they did do better than we expected. Year 7 was once again our shining lights with no child below the national minimum standard (NMS). In fact, over half of our Yr 7 children were in the upper 2 bands (U2Bs), which is well above our target of 33%. Year 9 was a pleasant surprise with only one child below the NMS in one area. As you may have seen in the media, nationally writing has taken a fall for all year levels. To our credit, every child except one in every year level (3, 5, 7, & 9) got above the NMS. Of those four children, only two were below the NMS, with the other two at NMS.

As I always say, our whole school data is not the important measure for us as our small numbers can skew the data, for or against us. The important measure is the relative gain of the individual children. That is, have they at least progressed the equivalent of two years over the past two years? Remember, the “E” in our YES Message stands for “Every Child hall Improve” and if they don’t, we need to do something about that or recognise why. Of all our children, only three had negative growth, which we will to identify why. The rest made some or solid gains, or in some cases made huge leaps in their progress.
In every area in every year level, except for some of our Yr 3 data, we have performed as well as our like schools, which is still a great achievement. For that, thank-you to the teachers, teacher aides and parent volunteers for all your hard work to help the children achieve such a result. And well done to the children on your efforts.
What can you do to help at home? Firstly, as much as our overall school results still look great, the real success is with the individual children. Have they reached their true potential? In most cases that would be that they excessed even what they thought they could. Even the relative gain of those two children who were below the NMS shows they have made very strong growth. Sit down with your children with their NAPLAN report and congratulate them on their successes. Talk to their teachers about what your children need to do to maintain this momentum and what you can do to help them. Most importantly, celebrate with you children.
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Last reviewed 06 February 2020
Last updated 06 February 2020