Reading, Cornerstone of Learning


I will continue through our AIP priorities to refresh parents and introduce them to our new parents.  This week’s YES message is “Reading, Cornerstone of Learning”. You will also see this message throughout the school. Children need to be able to read & comprehend the work they are doing if they are to learn. If, for example they cannot read the maths they are doing, they are not going to be able to learn those maths concepts. All the other subject areas are important, but the children are not going to be able to access that learning if they cannot read. Being able to read is only the first part, the more important part is the children being able to comprehend what it is that they area reading. Many children can read quite fluently, but do not really comprehend the meaning of what they have read. Needless to say reading will remain our top priority. We will continue to have the “Principal’s Reading Challenge” to reward the children’s reading efforts. A lot of work has gone into setting up our whole school reading program and that hard work by the staff, with the support of our volunteer parents is proving successful. Some of your children may have told you already that they did reading groups with Mr Cassidy. I have been timetable to work with each of the primary reading groups 3 days a week. Besides re-enforcing to the children that their ability to read is important to me, it will also allow me to monitor both the reading program and the individual progress of each child in the school.

What can you do to help at home?  For our reading program to be successful the children need to be in small groups (5 or 6 children) and we need adults for each of those groups. Even if you cannot provide one regular morning a week, any time you can will be helpful. For example if you’re a shift worker you might just pop in for one of our reading groups mornings (Mon, Tue, Wed & Fri) and you can sit with one of our groups. If you’re a farmer you may have a quiet time between planting and harvesting. Just coming in to help with one reading session will demonstrate to your children how important their reading is to you. If you cannot give up any time you can still help at home by reading to your children or hearing them read.
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Last reviewed 06 February 2020
Last updated 06 February 2020