The Cecil Challenge


This week I will just go through our The Cecil Challenge, mainly for our new parents, but also as a reminder to other parents and how you can help your children meet the challenge. The Cecil Challenge is a reward system we have in place to encourage the children to complete their homework &/or assignments regularly, attend school regularly and display good behaviour regularly.

Completing of homework is up to your children’s teachers discretion based on individuals’ needs. Prepies being new will generally be waivered from that homework challenge to start with, but once they are ready to take home readers that will become their homework. As the children go up in grades their homework will become more demanding.
Regular attendance is measured by children having no more than 5 unexplained or unacceptable absences for school. A child being away because they are sick is obviously and acceptable absences. I should mention though that a school’s attendance date includes day children are sick, so schools are expected to implement measures to minimise these absences. Unacceptable absences are things like parents taking their children on holidays when they should be at school. An unexplained absence is when the school has not been informed by a responsible adult of the reason for a child’s absence.
Regular good behaviour is measured in 2 ways. Firstly the children need to be awarded 50 high fives tokens within a term for good behaviour and work. The other way is to NOT be sent to me as the Principal for inappropriate behaviour more than 3 times in a term. I don’t count minor things where the children just need a reminder about the school’s expectations for whatever they are in trouble for, but for medium to major behaviour issues.
If the children can meet those 3 challenges they are invited to participate in an end of term reward. For example, the end of term 1 is usually a lolly hunt in the forest at the front of the school. They are also given a certificate for each term they meet the challenge starting with bronze, silver, gold through to platinum. If the children can work up to gold or platinum level they will be invited to attend an end our year reward excursion. For example, last year those children were able to attend a private viewing of the Trolls movie in Toowoomba.
What can you do to help at home? To help your children meet The Cecil Challenge, simply make sure they do their homework (check with their teacher if you’re not sure what they’re doing); make sure they are at school every day or if they are not, make sure we know why; and make sure you set high expectations with your children about their behaviour and work at school. These challenges will be easy for some children and some children will need YOUR support to meet the challenges.
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Last reviewed 06 February 2020
Last updated 06 February 2020