The Cecil Challenge and Homework

With us looking at those eligible for the end of term Cecil Challenge reward for next week, I thought I would touch on one of the homework/assignments part of the challenge. In setting homework/assignments as part of the challenge, we do realize that this can be a bane for some parents in either getting their children to do their homework in the first place or knowing how to help them. The reward system seems to be helping the first part as we have so many more children handing in their homework. The second part is always an challenge and always will be. The way the children do maths now-a-days is different to how we did it and in all likelihood it will change for their children. Parents also have to balance up when it goes from helping with their homework to doing it for them. So why do we put ourselves, parents and the children through the pains that some find with homework. Firstly, it’s a life skill that we all have to perform. For example when we are purchasing significant items we have to do our homework to make sure we are getting what best suits our needs. Rarely do we buy the first car we see or if we do, it’s because we looked at others, got all our facts and it was still the best deal. When we apply for a job we gather everything we need to know to impress our prospective employers and the benefits of taking the job. It also gives the children the opportunity to practice on their own skills they have learnt at school and gives parent a chance to see what their children are learning about at that time.
What can you do to help at home? Firstly, don’t let it become a big burden. There are suggested amounts of time for homework depending on the year level (see the link below). If your child leave it to the last minute, as many do and many of us did, then it will be painful. Help your children organize a timeframe to get their homework done. In regards to helping with homework that you are not familiar with see your children’s teachers who can explain what the process is or how you can help your children. Waiting for an end of term reward can seem a way off for children, so you may consider your own home reward system to motivate your children to do their homework. Once again, go to the link below and read the homework section of our parent handbook to see how else you can support your children at home.
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Last reviewed 06 February 2020
Last updated 06 February 2020